Post Operative Massage

Post Operative Massage

Post operative massage promotes faster healing and smoother recovery following cosmetic surgery.

Post op Massage can be provided for various types of surgery including tummy tucks, breast lifts, liposuction, facelifts, and many more.

The benefits of post-operative massage therapy include:

  • Improvement in healing time.

  • Reduced inflammation and minimization of soreness or pain.

  • Prevention of subcutaneous fibrosis .

  • Prevention of capsular contractual after breast augmentation.

  • Minimization of bruising.

Post Operative Massage


After plastic or cosmetic surgery, the body is susceptible to physical pain in the underlying tissue, joints, and muscles. Post-operative massage therapy can be beneficial to speed up the recovery process, while reducing inflammation and minimizing soreness or pain after surgery. There are several different types of postsurgical massage, depending on your cosmetic procedure.

Post-operative Lymphatic Massage

You already may be familiar with massages, which are manipulations done by a professional who uses their hands for therapeutic purpose. After two or three weeks of any kind of surgery, an individual may build up liquid that may harden and result in fibrosis.

Plastic Surgeons recommend the lymphatic drainage massage to help prevent this occurrence. Manual massage activates the lymph nodes and improves lymph flow throughout the patient’s body, which eliminates bruising, improves circulation, and ultimately helps the healing process; with fewer scars.

Your lymphatic system is an essential part of your immune system, so if it is not functioning adequately then it may lead to other more serious health problems. Postsurgical massage releases inflamed muscles and tissues in the areas that the procedure has been performed by alleviating accumulated liquid. People need to be aware of the benefits of a postoperative lymphatic massage after an esthetic surgery towards the greatest result.

You may discover these surprising benefits:

  • You may discover these surprising benefits:

  • Healing in half the time

  • Prevent subcutaneous fibrosis liposuction

  • Elimination of pain

  • Tissue reconstruction in less time

  • Tissue reconstruction in less time

  • Less bumpy, more normal shape in the area of surgery

  • Release of endorphins to promote pain relief and provide relaxation

  • Support the immune system by stimulating the central nervous system

  • Provides more skin flexibility

Post-operative lymphatic massage at Beauty & Body Toronto can begin 2 weeks after surgery depending on your physician’s orders. We make sure you meet all of the post-surgical follow up requirements. You will be surprised by the amount of healing you can achieve from lymphatic drainage massage!


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